Rapidshare and dating

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Also you may see it very much in warez links' URLs.

Rapid Share is the world leader in one-click file hosting arena, despite being the most popular file-sharing service lacks file search feature, the only reason I can assume they lack this feature is to avoid searching of copyrighted files by their legal owners getting illegally distributed by this pirate friendly file-hosting service.

I might suggest checking out sharedigger.com, shareminer.com, and This way it doesnt only look for matches in links but also on threads on various sites: hope I knocked some sense into you file sharing noobs. By August, 14 we have over 2,750,000 Rapidshare files indexed and in 2 months we plan to index over 12,000,000 files! :) Sorry to say so, but this engine only finds crap, plus forget about the multilanguage support.

These search engines are also free and good for megashares and megaupload searches with the correct search parameters. does a far better job, also searches megaupload and lots of other file hosts. is a free internet browser that has those features when you write a note. Rapid Zilla.net the links posted above are here in one... Moreever it has links to the most downloaded content on its homepage. Thanks Did you know you can easily search thru all filesharing sites at one time?