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I have gone through every account, I have gone through all hidden accounts. There has to be some way for Quicken to make this a link that can be clicked on to take us to the bills that are showing overdue. It has increased over the past few months in both Quicken 20, even though I don't have any overdue bills in my reminders (and I don't have any online bills). I think Quicken has a bug that sometimes miscalculates Bills Overdue in the To Do Bar Reminders.

View Reminders doesn't do anything but take me to my Bill Reminders that don't have anything showing overdue. I also upgraded to 2017 Home & Business which required an update for each bill to correct prior problems (this is not an option after updating). The OVERDUE only show when I have an automatic reminder. I've tried updating, uninstalling with qclean and reinstalling, validating and repairing, super-validating, copying the file, reviewed hidden accounts, etc. Same problem here:https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/q2017-h-b-shows-20-bills-overdue-in-reminders-th... I have tried every idea that has been presented including deleting all the reminders, which was a pain to recreate, and rebuild the file, remove Quicken and clean, then reinstall again. Someone at Quicken support should be able to know where the flags for this are held to review or delete and/or edit. It appears that the program bug created the count of some older deleted reminders and has continued to keep them in the records to display the count after the actual reminders were deleted or satisfied.

It does not affect the sorting, though, so if you have the tab sorted by something other than Due, it may be hard to find the overdue reminders in the list.

Try sorting the Bill and Income Reminders window's All Bills and Deposits tab by Due date.

Intuit is also working to build an online version of Quicken.

All Bills & Deposits tab any chance you see the missing overdue bill?

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The Quicken Starter Edition, previously named Quicken Basic, provides a surprisingly robust set of tools.2) This could be an indication of a damaged data file.Please run this procedure, skipping no steps: - Make a copy of your data file: Click File / File Operations / Copy. Save file under a new name in same folder as current Quicken data file.Many of you did just that, and we bundled your questions and ours into an email message that we sent to the 17 developers of the possible Quicken replacement packages that we listed in the article.Nine of the developers have responded, and we have collated their responses, which we present below.