Bibtex bibliography not updating

This information can be accessed both online and in the Mendeley Desktop, allowing users to view their library no matter were they are.

A large focus of Mendeley is its academic social networking.

As documents are added to a library, Mendeley attempts to detect the bibliographic data (meta-data) of the document.

Users can then add any information that is incomplete or missing.

This is a bug for some users where Citations can't recognize the URL of the front document.

Normally, when this happens, you can switch off Citations in the Papers preferences, and then switch it on again, to restore its functionality.

However, a much more powerful and flexible solution is achieved thanks to an auxiliary tool called Bib Te X (which comes bundled as standard with Latex.) Bib Te X allows you to store all your references in an external, flat-file database.

You can then easily link this database to any Latex document, and cite any reference that is contained within the file.

Using Citations is easy, just watch our detailed tutorial to find out more about this new feature.

If you haven't tried it, you should also check out our citation autocomplete feature.

The name Mendeley is derived from a combination of Dmitiri Ivanovich Mendelyev, who developed the periodic table of elements, and Gregor Mendel, often called the "father of modern genetics".

I like the feature to automatically generate bibtex files from collections.

However, it isn't clear to me when these files are generated.

Bibtex bibliography not updating